Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers Divisional Playoff Prediction 2020

Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers

The Seahawks beat up as they are being still dancing and will hit the dance the floor in Green Bay this week to take on a well-rested Packers club. Six predictions are on the way first though let’s check out some numbers that you can use to form a prediction of your own okay so stopping the Seahawks comes down. To one question can you stop Russell Wilson. Wilson pretty much put the Hawks on his shoulders and carried them to victory last week with both his arm and legs. Not only did he throw for over 300 yards. He also led the team in rushing with
Marshawn Lynch and Travis Homer picking up just 19 yards on 17 carries.
Wilson typically doesn’t lead the Hawks in rushing, Seattle’s run game finished with the fourth-most rushing yards on the strength of 4.6 yards a carry this year. But it was clear from last week’s game they are a shell of their former self on this front. Now they were up
against one of the best rush defenses and stopping the run isn’t a green-based specialty. As they gave up 4.7 yards of run this season and were 23rd in Russia’ arts per game allowed. So you’d think Homer and Lynch would see an uptick in production against the pack. But still, it’s safe to assume you’ll also see Wilson takes off a fair amount just as he did last week.
Wilson may not have run the ball as much this year compared to years past. But he’s still one of the best when he does and you can see now that it’s playoff time he’s more willing to break that skill set back out. The Packers, however, have handled cubies fairly well and they faced a decent number of mobile cubies. So allowing the third-fewest rushing yards to cubies does mean something in their case but the Hawks passing game also has an advantage especially now that DK Metcalf has made it pretty clear he’s legit.
Metcalfe had a monster first playoff game and his season totals in his first year were more than impressive. Paired with tyler, Lockett Seattle has developed a knack for the big play. Seventh and yards per attempt, seventh and yards per completion, 11th most pass plays of 20 plus yards. Wilson taking deep shots a staple of his game. Remember that stack because of the packers secondary has been pretty good against shorter to intermediate throws. They held teams to the third-lowest completion rate and ranks 6th best in passer rating. But they were 21st in yards per pass attempt allowed. 27th and yards per completion allowed and tied for 21st and giving a pass plays of 20-plus yards.
What they could really use then is a big game from its pass rush and they happen to have one of the best sack duos in the game. Za’darius Smith and Preston Smith both finished the year with 12 plus sacks. The rest of the D didn’t provide too much help as Green Bay finished middle of the pack and sacks but Seattle was tied for 23rd and sacks allowed so Smith squared should have a chance to make an impact. so what about when the Packers have the ball, of course, it’s obvious to start with Aaron but in this case, we aren’t talking about Rodgers. Aaron Jones didn’t just have a breakout season he has been the key figure in several Packers win this year.
 Green Bay Packers
His abilities as a receiver coming into play on several occasions but the reason he could lead the way again in this game Seattle’s inability to stop the run. The Eagles gained 4.6 yards a carry against them last week and on the year Seattle allowed a whopping four point nine yards of carry. Only four teams fared worse at stopping ball carriers and when it comes to defending backs as receivers they’re just as rough only three teams gave up more receiving yards than the Hawks did. but as far as how they do against the pass, in general, they were one of the best at picking cubies off.
All those ints also, help them finish third and takeaways overall and ninth and passer rating allowed. But picking off Rogers even in a so-called down here is still almost impossible. Rodgers and the Packers offense hasn’t blown anyone away but he only threw four balls to the wrong team and he had the lowest interception rate in football and while Rodgers has tried to wil some of his young receivers to relevance Davante Adams remains his go-to when things get tough first. But even with Adams Green Bay’s passing attack is mediocre by most measurements not nearly as dangerous as years past. that has led to issues on third down where Green Bay finished 23rd which then leads to problems getting into the red zone.
The Packers 17th in red zone attempts. If they can get there the staff say they should have some success. Green Bay finished eighth-best at scoring a TD once they got inside the 20. Seattle’s d meantime was 26th at giving up 6 when teams entered their red zone. and for what it’s worth Seattle is pretty good at getting the ball inside the 20 and converting it when they do. Green Bay, however, is much tougher when they defend a shorter field in Seattle is setting up a strength vs. strength matchup. Ok, last week we saw one YouTube user picked the Hawks Eagle score at 16 to 10 which was the closest one to nail it. Keep the predictions coming and the analysis for now or done with ours so it’s time to leave you with our predictions.

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